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     Kurti – Defining the Feminine! The Kurti is an indigenous, oriental outfit for women which has blurred the global boundaries in this 3rd millennium. Through its sheer grace and character & proving Darwin’s theory correct once again, this traditional attire has expanded its horizon, furthermore, over the ages. Tracking down its birth, the popularity of this garment is observed in the oriental epics, centuries ago. Kurti is essentially the upper outfit, draping down in myriad ways with shades of colours to match up with the leg- wears. Like our time, the Kurti also flows gently down the shoulder of civilization and retains the position of being the topmost favourite among the women of the SAARC countries, to mention the least.

Indian Kurti, then, was usually very simple yet elegant. Indian Kurti, now, is still very simple, elegant yet organic. To celebrate womanhood with due respects to all women in all spheres of life “FUGEN" is proud to launch a whole new collection of Kurtis keeping in mind the comfort, freshness and the dignity which all women deserve . Since Kurti and Comfort goes hand in hand, fugen gives importance to the usage of fabrics keeping the quality assurance yet making it more attractive and affluent . In a way Fugen is a new trendsetter to celebrate a womenpower. Thinking of different seasons, dream of the vast range of the designer’s Kurtis Ranging from cotton to silk and other mixed threads, the traditional Kurti brings a whole new dimension in the tradition of attire. Innovations With every day every fabric invents a new design with the best designers with us. Come, let's celebrate the FUGEN womenpower...!


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